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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Monochrome EGA mini hat

Yet another one of my mini hats. This is a black and white EGA mini top hat, made of cotton with a plastic canvas base. The ribbon used it a fine grossgrain, though it looks a bit like satin. The tiny all black bows are just typical thin grossgrain ribbon. On the bottom of the hat there is smooth black velvet with an attached comb to secure it to your hair. I would personally wear this hat, since I love that classy, victorian gothic look. I think it is pretty gender-neutral as well, which spices up the collection. It's a fairly simple hat, but I believe it speaks of elegance.

I will be listing it with all of my other hats on my website. I've been revamping my website as well as my blogs over the last couple of days, so things should get more active. However, it will probably be a bit chaotic until it's all settled and cleaned up. I've got quite a lot of hats I plan to list, as well as a stuffed animal (I am debating making more of these) and some bows. I've also been thinking of making bloomers/breaches, but that will have to wait until I have enough material. Unfortunately I am broke.

Ah, which reminds me, if anyone wishes to donate to my artist endeavors (donations will be used to purchase supplies) you may do so using paypal. :)
Any and all donations are greatly appreciated.

I have been considering making a DIY/tutorial on how to make a mini hat using my own techniques. I know there are some out there, but most seem to be a bit on the less-than-professional side. I have been making these for quite a few years, so maybe I can contribute something useful. Once I have some down-time I'll see to pumping one out. Pretty soon here there will be a list of tutorials I've made available for easy access on the blog, so please bare with me while I put things together. It's quite untidy. 

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