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Saturday, April 30, 2011


Been thinking of making a tutorial on cloth roses and ribbon roses, maybe bows as well. I know there aren't a whole lot of good ones out there for the crafters, and they're pretty quick and easy to put together.

Speaking of such, here's an example of one which will be used as a centerpiece for a little sweet lolita hat:

I've had a field day with this particular fabric. It's a soft, sweet pink with delicate white vines that have hearts on them. 100% cotton and very good quality.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Sweet Lolita Pink Teacup Mini Hat

The newest of the goods!

Fitting for a lolita wonderland, this gorgeous, entirely handcrafted teacup mini hat is one of a kind. Pink cotten material with tiny white heart patterns sets off plush lavender flowers and pale pearl beads, and the lace around the rim is handmade from cotton inset with a pink satin ribbon. The 'tea' is a soft, light velvet, adding a hint of sheen. 
With a specially designed light plastic base made for hat crafting, it is durable and unlikely to break. The curled, slightly puffed handle has a wire setting and the hat is worn with a transparent, wide comb beneath that allows for comfort, stability, and modesty.

This can be purchased here!


Website is up and running at its new home! Finally finished setting up the shop as well. A few days work of getting everything organized, and I have been extremely busy making new things. I shall post them shortly, in increments.